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What To Do Before, During, And After A Hurricane

Hurricanes in Florida can be utterly devastating, leaving a lot of damage in its wake. As a result, it is important to be prepared before, during, and after the storm.

Hurricanes cause flooding, destroy buildings and other structures, signages and billboards.

Knowing how to keep yourself safe is very essential. Here are some tips to help you prepare for and handle a hurricane storm.

Before a Hurricane

Prepare ahead of time.

Hurricanes usually give off signs and warnings before they hit. And just like we have rainy seasons, we also have hurricane seasons. You and your family must begin preparations ahead of time to prevent and minimize the damage and loss caused by the hurricane.

Install impact windows & doors.

Doors and windows are the most vulnerable during a hurricane. As such, installing impact windows and doors is one of the most effective preparations you can make before a hurricane. Upgrading to impact windows & doors protect against winds and flying debris, helping to prevent damage.

Have an emergency kit.

You should have a complete emergency kit to handle any emergency or complications that could arise because of the hurricane.

During a Hurricane

Remain up to date with the news and the latest happenings with the hurricane

It would help if you stayed up to date with the news and weather to know the current state of your surroundings and how far the hurricane has gone, or how much damage it has made. These updates are also helpful to know if you need to step up your safety measures.

Remain indoors and don’t go out until the storm is over.

It is safer to stay indoors until the storm is over to avoid getting hit by debris or killed in the storm, as hurricane storms can be very powerful.

Stay away from windows and glass doors.

Stay away from all glass windows because the storm could blow them in and cause them to shatter, leading to serious injuries. This might not be necessary if windows are impact-resistant.

You can use a portable generator if power is lost; however, ensure to keep to the manufacturer's instructions.

Power is important to keep food preserved and many other reasons. However, it is important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid any accidents or emergencies.

Go to a shelter if your home is not on higher ground, go to a shelter.

Homes on higher ground are less likely to be flooded during the hurricane, so if your home is not on higher ground, it’s best to go to a shelter.

After a Hurricane

Follow guidelines when cleaning up and going back home.

If you’re at a shelter, make sure you wait for permission from the right authorities before vacating the shelter and moving back home. Also, be very careful while cleaning up and repairing the damage caused by the hurricane.

Get help when you need it.

You can find assistance programs after a hurricane to help you get back on your feet. It could be for food or health supplies. The truth is you can’t get out of it alone, so ask for help when you need it.

Talk to someone.

Talk to someone to get your mental health back on track. Sometimes you or someone close to you might have a mental crisis due to the effect of the storm, and it is advisable to talk to a professional about how you feel and get help on how to recover.

When it comes to preparing for hurricanes, nothing beats prevention. Let Alcon Windows & Doors protect your home from the hazards of hurricanes today. Request an estimate to get started.


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