How do impact windows keep your home safe?


Hurricanes are known to produce intense winds that can damage buildings, cars, and anything in its path. From category one winds at 75 MPH to category five winds at 156 MPH, or more, hurricane winds can cause massive destruction. With winds being a significant issue, impact windows use this as a testing model to determine how much air pressure the window can take without giving out. By testing this model, you understand how much security you have with your impact windows and what precautions to take. 

Water Penetration

Similar to air pressure, water penetration is something that impact windows can protect your home and family from when a storm hits Miami and Broward counties. Through DP, impact windows are tested by the amount of water they keep out. It's also based on the type of impact window.

With structural testing, the frame and glass are tested to decipher the durability. If the impact window is thick, it receives a higher rating, which improves its overall rating on the DP. This structural testing is important as the frame plays a significant role in an impact window's job to protect a home.

Structural Testing

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