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Impact Window Provider in Miami, FL

At Alcon Windows and Doors, our mission is to provide Miami and Broward counties with durable, efficient impact windows. When hurricanes hit the region, your home needs to have the proper protection. Backed by experienced impact window specialists, Alcon Windows and Doors, has extensive knowledge of hurricane storm security. Hurricanes can cause intense winds up to 200 MPH and heavy rain that can result in severe damage. We stand by our longstanding experience and commitment to excellence. Impact windows not only keep your home safe from hurricanes, but they also increase noise reduction, are energy-efficient, enhance your curb appeal, along with several other benefits. Our impact windows are resilient and give you the peace of mind you need during hurricane season.

For more than a decade, we’ve provided our clients with resilient, high-quality, and affordable installation and repair of hurricane impact resistant doors and windows. At Alcon, we offer various financing options to make the entire process seamless. We are dedicated to unmatched artistry and professionalism. Through our impact window services, our team makes sure that your home is protected from strong winds, heavy moisture, scorching sun rays, and debris. Our impact windows solutions are affordable, customized, and convenient. If you're considering installing impact windows in your home in Miami or Broward, Florida, enlist Alcon Windows and Doors to protect your home with the highest quality in the industry. Impact windows are a cost-effective investment that will protect your home and family for years to come.

How do impact windows keep your home safe?

Impact windows are known to resist strong winds and heavy rain from damaging your home, but how? The difference between impact windows and traditional glass is the inner layer. Impact windows have an added inner layer of protection designed to keep the glass from shattering. The glass protection comes in two layers, with the inner membrane being shatterproof. Even if the outer glass layer shatters due to an impact, the inner layer ensures that the window stays intact. Impact windows are designed to take the impact of winds, rain, and flying debris. The frame of impact windows help with protection as well, that resist warping and wear.


Impact windows are not only durable but also long-lasting. Without impact windows, standard glass has a higher chance of breaking and causing costly damages. Impact windows undergo different levels of testing to determine its strength and durability. These testings encompass all potential damage breaches from hurricanes to vandalism, impact, and other natural disasters. Impact windows use a DP, design pressure, rating to identify how much wind they can withstand before bending or breaking. With Miami and Broward counties known as a region that is at high risk for hurricane damage each season, the DP is important, to have a better understanding of the level of protection you have. Below are the different aspects of the testing process to get an understanding of the threshold of impact windows. 


noun_air pressure_3257326.png

Hurricanes are known to produce intense winds that can damage buildings, cars, and anything in its path. From category one winds at 75 MPH to category five winds at 156 MPH, or more, hurricane winds can cause massive destruction. With winds being a significant issue, impact windows use this as a testing model to determine how much air pressure the window can take without giving out. By testing this model, you understand how much security you have with your impact windows and what precautions to take. 

noun_Leaking Roof_385042.png

Water Penetration

Similar to air pressure, water penetration is something that impact windows can protect your home and family from when a storm hits Miami and Broward counties. Through DP, impact windows are tested by the amount of water they keep out. It's also based on the type of impact window.

With structural testing, the frame and glass are tested to decipher the durability. If the impact window is thick, it receives a higher rating, which improves its overall rating on the DP. This structural testing is important as the frame plays a significant role in an impact window's job to protect a home.

Structural Testing

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