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Hurricane Impact Door & Window Installation in Miami

Our WINDOW & DOOR Installation Process is Painless

Impact Door & Window installation - Miami, FL

We believe in doing things right. All of our window installation & door installations are per Florida building code. We begin by removing your existing window or door and replacing the old wood buck with new pressure-treated wood. We install your new impact window with the screws that are recommended by the manufacturer and properly reseal or caulk your window or door, we offer a warranty on leaks as well as stress cracks on the glass. we service from Miami all the way to Broward.

Happy Family Enjoying Their New Home Protected by Impact Doors & Windows
  1. Give us a call at 305-553-0229 to have one of our technicians take measurements at your home or business, and go over all your options as far as window models and glass type, once you are satisfied with you're selections he will send over your proposal to our estimate department.

  2. Within hours receive your quote

  3. Review your proposal 

  4. If you decide too move forward with us and put in your order, we will send your order in to begin assembly. which may take a couple of weeks (call for current lead times)

  5. Once your windows and doors are assembled and ready to go we schedule for installation.

  6. Installation.

Alcon Windows and Doors has been servicing Broward and Miami’s residents’ door and window installation projects for almost a decade. Our commitment to high-quality services ensures that all our installations are in compliance with Florida’s building code.

When you’re investing in the future of your residential or commercial building, hiring the right team is necessary. Backed by impeccable knowledge and years of experience, we provide the highest level of door and window installation services.

Before we install new impact windows or doors, we remove existing ones and place new pressure-treated wood in place of the old wood buck. Using the manufacturer’s recommended screws and re-sealing your windows and doors, our attention to detail ensures a hassle-free process for you.

We offer warranties on stress cracks on the glass or leakages as well.

Give us a call to avail our window and door installation services in Miami and Broward!

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