What are the different styles of impact doors?


One of the most common door styles for homes is a French door. French doors are an elegant style option, and can also be made for hurricane-resistant purposes. With its stunning style, it's no secret why many homeowners elect to have this in their home. French doors are sophisticated, affordable, and durable. Impact French doors can be used to separate the indoors from porches, verandas, pool areas, and patios. A French door is an ideal entryway if you are searching for a door that boasts extraordinary beauty and high-performing stability.


Sliding doors are often installed in environments with warmer weather, such as Florida. With sliding impact doors, you do not have to compromise aesthetics for protection. Sliding doors provide a seamless flow between the interior of your home and outdoor space. Hurricane impact doors offer increased energy efficiency, security, natural light, and the ability to customize to fit your property. If you want a convenient, functional, and durable door, an impact sliding door might be beneficial for your home.


There is a lot at stake when you have a business, especially when a hurricane is predicted. Severe rain and win can cause an immense amount of damage to your business, so it's important to have impact door professionals provide a solution for you. Commercial impact doors give your business the protection in the heat of a strong storm that can cause your business operations to stall. Your business door should look professional, and have the inner layer of durability so a hurricane cannot shatter the glass. With impact doors, you can have the peace of mind that your livelihood is sheltered. At Alcon Windows and Doors, our impact door specialists take every measure to keep your business intact.

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