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We Install and repair the windows and doors shown below

At Alcon Windows and Doors, we specialize in impact windows and doors in Miami, FL. Our team of specialists strives to keep the Miami community safe during hurricane season with impact windows and doors. We understand the damage hurricanes can cause; that's why we aim to supply the most protective windows and doors. At Alcon Windows and Doors, we offer an extensive selection of impact windows with protective inner membranes. From commercial properties to residential, we ensure high-quality, durable windows and doors. 

Our impact windows are resilient and give you the peace of mind you need during hurricane season. We've provided our clients with resilient, high-quality, and affordable installation and repair of hurricane impact-resistant doors and windows for over a decade. We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable services and offer various financing options to make the entire process seamless from start to finish. For more information on our windows and doors installation services, call Alcon Windows & Doors in Miami today!

Single Hung Window Installation in Miami FL


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Curtain Wall Window Installation in Hollywood FL

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Horizontal Sliding Window Installation in Miami FL

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Single Hung Windows


With only a single vertically operating sash that opens inward, single hung windows can be used throughout the home.

They are especially perfect for areas with an outdoor obstruction, providing a great view of the surroundings and letting in natural light without any hindrance. Single hung windows also add to curb appeal and are very energy efficient. However, those shouldn't be all your single hung window offers.

In the eye of the hurricane and the thick of the storm, you want a window that repels all the pressure without so much as a crack. With extra fortification specifically against hurricanes and other harsh elements of Florida, our impact single hung windows also safeguard your home!

Features for Optimal Protection & Timeless DESIGN


Constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame, our single hung windows are designed to stand the test of time and any weather. They are equipped with quality components for seamless ease of use and do not chip, warp, or crack.

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, our single hung window keeps your home comfortable all season, helping you save on cost too. They are also available in a variety of sizes - standard or custom. The coat frame finishes are also available in various colors. With sightlines and grip options for aesthetics, our single hung windows are versatile options that offer optimal functionality, style, and protection.

Protect with Style


Although simple, single hung windows can be installed in various styles and designs. You can add mullions, muntins, or other options to give your window a different look. If you'd prefer a more expansive view and more daylight to filter in, you can install them without additional styles.

You may also prefer a bit of privacy or want a decorative detail added to your window. No matter your design or style preference, Alcon Windows and Doors is committed to finding the perfect window size that enhances your home's beauty while giving you the ultimate protection against hurricanes.

We Put You first


At Alcon Windows and Doors, we put you first, unlike many companies that say they do but don't mean it. We know this because we've heard different horror stories. We are different. As a local business, we understand the devastating effect hurricanes can have on your home and business.

That's why we provide you with the highest-quality impact single hung window available in the country. With years of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that you're getting the highly durable and stylish window you deserve.

Single Hung Windows for All


Whether you own a high-rise in downtown Miami or a single family home in Little River, we have just the right window solution for you. Our expertise enables us to get custom single hung windows for your residential and commercial buildings, including:

  • Condominiums

  • Townhouses 

  • Hospitals 

  • High-Rise 

  • Single-Family Homes

  • And Many More

Get Windows Custom-designed for You


Need an impact single hung window for your home or business in Florida? Talk to us at Alcon Windows & Doors. With our expertise and experience, we've been helping home and business owners in and around Miami get protection from hurricanes and damaging winds. Get a window custom-designed for your home today by requesting an estimate!

Horizontal Sliding Windows


Horizontal sliding windows have sashes that slide to the left and right and can be installed in any space. They are especially perfect for places with limited space and reduced vertical area, providing optimal views of the surroundings.

Also known as horizontal roller windows because they operate on tracks at the bottom and top of the frame, horizontal sliding windows are very easy to open and close, a useful feature in hard-to-reach areas like above the kitchen sinks and showers. They also have solid frames and glass designed to shut out water and snow.

But with Florida being one of the most hurricane-prone states, you want a horizontal sliding window that offers more. Our impact horizontal sliding windows are fortified for the toughest of weather, ensuring that when hurricanes come calling, you have complete rest of mind knowing your window will do all the protection you need.

Features for Optimal Performance & Aesthetics


Built with commercial-grade aluminum, our horizontal sliding windows are designed for performance and strength in extreme weather conditions. With its roller system, ease of operation is assured. It also comes with insulated glass that keeps the indoor space comfy throughout the year, enabling you to save on energy costs. Available in different colors and grid options, our horizontal sliding windows offer you a solid performance in the style and design of your choice. Our products are also meet building code regulations and are approved for use in Florida.

More Than Just Protection


Go stylish and make a statement with horizontal sliding windows that showcase your design and style preferences. You can choose from a wide variety of glazing and grill options that add aesthetic value to your home. Maybe you want a tint option for more privacy or prefer to leave it plain. Whatever your choice, we’ll customize your framing, glass, and accessories. No matter the design, height, and wall of your building, we have a variety of styles and designs that will complement your building’s decor.

Horizontal Sliding Windows for All


Need a new installation for your residential building or window upgrades for your commercial building? We’ve got you covered. We can complete the horizontal sliding window needs of:

  • Single Family Homes 

  • Multiple Dwelling Units 

  • Mid Rise Apartments 

  • Condominiums 

  • High Rise Buildings

Providing Quality Windows Throughout Miami Fl


Alcon Windows and Doors is a leading provider of window installation and repair services in and around Miami, FL. As a local business, we understand the damaging effects of hurricanes and do all we can to protect you and your property.

That’s why our windows are designed to offer maximum protection against hurricanes and tropical storms. With our expertise and hands-on experience, we are able to help you with your project, offering you a customized window that suits your needs and preferences.

Get Windows Custom-designed for You


No matter how hard the hurricane hits or how hard the wind blows, you should have complete rest of mind knowing your horizontal sliding window is doing its job. With Alcon Windows and Doors, you get all of that and more. Request a free estimate today.

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