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Impact Door Company Serving Miami, FL

At Alcon Windows and Doors, we specialize in durable, high-quality impact doors in Miami, FL. When a hurricane hits the Florida coast, it's essential to have the right protection against potential damage. With winds over 75 MPH, that can cause severe damage; it can give you peace of mind to have comprehensive protection. You can entrust in our decade of experience in the impact door industry. We are committed to serving Miami and Broward counties with high-quality, resilient, impact doors. Our craftsmanship is top-rated, and we provide cost-effective solutions to the Miami community. We understand that choosing a new entryway can be an overwhelming decision, and we offer our expertise throughout the process so you can make the best decision. 

Home renovations can protect your investment in the long-run. We offer various financing options so you can receive your impact windows while staying within your budget. We are dedicated to providing affordable services to keep homes in Miami protected from damaging rain and winds. Our team is committed to providing unmatched service from the first phone call to the project's completion. At Alcon Windows and Doors, we offer an extensive selection of impact doors that fit your style and goals. Impact doors work to protect your home, and we work to meet all of your needs with the utmost professionalism. Regardless if you are interested in enhancing your curb appeal or finding a solution for hurricane season, Alcon Windows and Doors, can bring your ideas to fruition. 

The benefits of impact doors

Miami, Florida, is home to stunning coastal towns and sunshine. Florida is also known for its intense hurricane season that causes homes to sustain damage. Knowing the benefits of an impact door can help you understand how you can protect your investment if you are a home or business owner. When a strong storm hits, it's essential to have the security you need to keep your home and family secure. Impact doors provide shelter to homes from strong winds and heavy rain during hurricane season through its durable design. Impact doors also serve other needs that go beyond safety. If you are looking to renovate your home to add a modern flair, impact doors can achieve that. Our impact doors offer cost-effective solutions that offer longevity. Alcon Windows and Doors can discuss the wide range of benefits with you and how they can meet your specific needs. 


Each home and business are unique, and we offer impact doors that reflect your individuality. Impact doors not only protect your property but enabled you to select a style that fits your design and flows seamlessly with your property. The front door of a residential building can be made with decorative glasses, door panels, and handle to create a secure and beautiful entryway. Impact windows and doors are available with different frames and colors. We work to understand your preferred style, so produce a stunning and resilient entryway. The diversity and versatility of impact doors are among the leading benefits of having one in your home. 

Protection from theft and hurricanes

The safety and security of your family are one of the most important factors. Impact door frames are constructed with reinforced layers to prevent blunt force break-ins. The door designs contain an inner membrane that prevents the glass from shattering and flying into your home. Impact doors offer round the clock protection from intruders and intense storms.  With impact doors, you have the peace of mind knowing that you have a higher chance of protecting your family and home. Impact doors are durable and make it extremely difficult for burglars and harsh winds to penetrate the frame. Impact doors stand the test of time and offer a wide range of protection. 

Improves energy efficiency

Are you looking to reduce your energy costs? Impact doors can significantly improve your energy efficiency throughout the year, which can provide you with financial relief. Impact doors work to reduce heat loss, keep your home cool and comfortable, and reduce your electric bills. Over time, energy bills can increase and become costly. Impact doors help you save money in the long-run while providing resilient protection to your home. As Florida is known for sunshine and heat, energy efficiency is one of the primary benefits of impact doors. 


Impact doors can protect your home and enhance its curb appeal, which increases your home value. When people are looking to put their homes on the market, they often take steps to ensure it has a higher value. With impact doors providing stylish aesthetics and longstanding durability, buyers are willing to pay more money. With many styles available, you can create custom masterpieces to reimagine your entryway. We can offer our expertise, whether you are searching for a simple impact door style or something more ornate. The professionals at Alcon Windows and Doors can help you select the door that achieves all of your goals.

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