The Benefits of Impact Windows


Impact windows are known for their resilience and longevity over the years. When hurricanes hit, powerful winds can cause immense damage to homes, personal property, and businesses in its path. Impact windows provide that extra layer of security to keep your exterior and interior safe from potential harm. Most impact windows consist of numerous layers of glass that make it ideal for when a strong storm is on the horizon. Impact glass does not shatter into many pieces as regular glass would, making it a safer option for homes and businesses during hurricane season. Its endurance can withstand the harsh Miami weather, which can give you peace of mind when a storm hits. 



Impact windows not only provide the utmost security during harsh weather conditions, but they also can enhance your curb appeal. Since impact windows are more durable, they do not have to be covered up with aluminum hurricane shutters, which allows you to see outside during a storm. If you're looking to protect your home from hurricane winds and rain, while also improving the exterior of your home or business, impact windows are ideal to accomplish both of those means. 



If you're looking to save costs on energy, impact windows can assist with that. Impact windows provide a protective barrier from UV light, which helps lower AC costs along with keeping the interiors of your home safe from the sunrays. Energy costs tend to rack up in the heat of summer and during those colder nights in winter. During summer, impact windows can keep your interior cool, while in the winter, it can retain heat, which reduces your electric bills in the long run. With impact windows, you can ensure that you are keeping those costs down while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. With impact windows, you can accomplish your financial goals while improving the exterior of your home or business and keeping it secure. 


Bustling Miami, Florida, is full of lively locals and tourists enjoying the sunny beaches, restaurants and bars, and local festivals. At Alcon Windows and Doors, not only do we want to help keep your home shielded from potential storm damage, but we also want to find solutions that fulfill all of your homeowner needs. If you live near a busy section of town or near a noisy highway, our impact windows can help diminish any level of distraction that comes from outside. With its durability, you can ensure peace and peace of mind for years

to come. 

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