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Impact Windows Company Serving Miami, FL

Are you interested in impact windows in Miami, FL? Whether you are looking to enhance your home's aesthetics, reduce noise, protect your home from harsh hurricane conditions, or become more energy-efficient, Alcon Windows and Doors can bring your vision to reality. At Alcon Windows and Doors, we offer an extensive selection of impact windows with protective inner membranes. Impact windows can benefit your home in various ways, and our team works with unmatched professionalism. Hurricanes can cause intense winds up to 200 MPH and heavy rain that can result in severe damage. When your region is in danger of a storm, an impact window gives you a higher chance of not sustaining any damage. 

Our impact windows are resilient and give you the peace of mind you need during hurricane season. For more than a decade, we've provided our clients with resilient, high-quality, and affordable installation and repair of hurricane impact resistant doors and windows. At Alcon, we offer various financing options to make the entire process seamless. We are dedicated to unmatched artistry and professionalism. Our team makes sure that your home is protected from strong winds, heavy moisture, scorching sun rays, and debris through our impact window services. Our impact windows solutions are affordable and customized to your needs. If you're considering installing impact windows in your home in Miami or Broward, Florida, enlist Alcon Windows and Doors to protect your home with the highest quality.

Benefits of working with Alcon Windows and Doors

When you are making a massive investment for your home, you need to work with a trustworthy company with your best interests in mind. At Alcon Windows and Doors, our highest priority is keeping your family safe when a hurricane approaches. Backed by a committed to excellence and extensive experience in the window industry, you can rely on us for your questions and concerns. As the Miami region sustains hurricane damage every year, it's important to stay prepared and ready for anything that arises each hurricane season.
There are many benefits of working with our team, and we can assist you with every aspect of the project. Below are some of the top reasons to work with Alcon Windows and Doors when you are searching for impact windows in Miami, FL.


When you are considering extending your security, it's crucial to have a company in your corner with years of expertise. Backed by over a decade of experience customizing hurricane impact doors, you can rely on our knowledgeable team. Impact windows undergo different levels of testing to determine its strength and durability. These testings encompass all potential damage breaches from hurricanes to vandalism, impact, and other natural disasters. We have seen many different situations and created protective barriers for various homes in Miami and Broward counties. Our staff can break down each door's components and how it works to protect your home and your family. We understand the different challenges that arise and can provide a solution for you.


As your home is a significant investment, it's essential to take care of it. Home enhancements can become expensive in the long run, and Alcon Windows and Doors is committed to providing affordable service so you can have the protection you need to keep your safe when a storm hits. We offer a wide range of financing options that you can choose from to ensure that you are prepared for hurricane season and other incidents that can arise over time. We have teamed up with Greensky and Ygrene to give our clients more financial flexibility to get those impact windows and doors that they've wanted and needed for so long. We offer two styles of financing, as well as various payment plans. We offer deferred payment plans, reduced rate plans, and financing through the Florida pace program, where the loan is attached to the property and not the homeowner.


When a storm approaches, it can be extremely stressful and concerning, as hurricanes can cause much damage. Our durable impact doors give you the security of knowing that your home is protected. Impact windows provide you with peace of mind that your home and family are protected from harsh weather conditions. Impact windows are secure, durable, and able to withstand intense winds and rain. No matter how many storms hit the Miami area, it can be terrifying. We are committed to keeping your family safe from harm. If you are considering strengthening your home's defense during hurricane season, the professionals at Alcon Windows and Doors can assist you. We go above and beyond to meet your needs. 

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