Pros and Cons of Impact Windows

Here's a "Not So Fun Fact" for you, Florida is the most hurricane abused state in the U.S, we've been hit one hundred fourteen times by thirty seven major systems, the latter sate is Texas with sixty three. On top of that about ten tropical storms develop over The Atlantic ocean every year. As Floridians we are at mother natures mercy more often than not therefore proper preperation beforehand is crucial to keep your family and home safe from any infliction caused by high winds or flying debris. Theres a number of ways to hurricane proof your home, IMPACT WINDOWS are the most complete form of protection in my opinion. It can be pricey and that is honestly the only downside that I can truely think of.

The reason why I believe that it is more complete than lets say hurricane shutters is hurricane shutters can only protect you from hurricanes that is its only true function and it does it relatively well but on the other side impact Windows are much more versatile. Impact windows can protect you from burglary by not allowing intruders in your home as well as adding to your home's energy efficinacy. Having impact windows also allows light to come into your home during a hurricane as well as a view of the outside. If you own temporary shutters than you know the hassle of having to install them everytime theres a Tropical Storm or Hurricane lurking around. Lastly the most obvious pro for installing Impact windows is aesthetically impact windows are more appealing, theres a diverse variety of styling that will surely match your taste. Impact Windows are becoming the most preferred form of protection in South Florida and are inevitably the future. At the end of the day whether you choose to go with impact windows or hurricane shutters please have some form of protection other than a 4x4 and duct tape and make sure you choose a reputable company that can inform you on the right products to keep your home as safe as possible.


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