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6 Reasons To Replace Your Old Windows With Impact Windows

Replacing your old windows with impact windows should be a no-brainer for several reasons. Innovations in window technology mean that new installations offer much more than old ones. When you opt for an impact window, you choose security, design, flexibility, and durability.

Here are six reasons why your old windows aren't cutting it anymore, and impact windows are the best choice:

Hurricane Resistant Impact Windows in Miami County FL

They Protect Against Storms

Old windows are a significant disadvantage in Miami, Broward, and other storm and hurricane-prone regions in Florida. They cannot withstand the sheer force of high-speed winds and are likely to break during powerful storms, exposing your home to more damage.

Before disaster strikes, do yourself a favor by getting impact windows. They're built specifically to withstand high impact and will protect your interior whenever the storm is raging. Impact windows do not break but only splinter, remaining intact to protect your home from the worst of the storm.

They Are a Great Investment

Impact windows are more than simply home installations. They're a massive upgrade on your old windows and, as such, are an excellent investment. If you ever have to sell your property, you can be sure of getting top dollar for the sake of the impact windows alone!

They’ll Save You Money on Homeowner’s Insurance

In places like Florida, windstorm coverage is the insurance model that protects homeowners from the liability of property damage from tornadoes and hurricanes.

By installing impact windows, you reduce the risk that your insurance policy is taking on. And, with reduced risks come reduced insurance premiums, meaning you can get a discount on your homeowner's insurance policy, saving more money.

They Provide Additional Security

Old windows appeal to potential burglars, as they're weak and only take the slightest effort to break through.

On the other hand, impact windows are sturdy and designed to repel intruders, as well as hurricanes and storms. By installing impact windows, you deter potential burglars from having a go at your property, safeguarding your family and property.

They Bring Curb Appeal

As windows are a significant chunk of your curb appeal, old windows can ruin the overall aesthetic effect, regardless of how beautiful the rest of the structure is. As such, replacing your tired-looking and non-functional windows is a must.

Impact windows have a great design and will enhance your curb appeal, giving your property a fresh look.

They Reduce Energy Bills

Air leaking through drafty old windows will have you racking up more than you should in energy bills. On the other hand, new impact windows keep your home airtight, helping your HVAC system work efficiently without any energy losses.

Plus, you can opt for tinted impact windows, which will provide greater energy efficiency by reducing radiant heat.

Get High-Quality Impact Windows in Miami and Broward Counties

You shouldn't overlook your windows for too long, especially when the existing ones have been there for a while.

With impact windows, you get security, a beautiful design, and energy savings in one go. That's more than enough reason to have it installed in your Miami or Broward home. Call us today for an estimate.


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