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Comparing Impact Windows vs. Traditional Windows

If you are in Miami or Broward contemplating the choice between impact vs. traditional windows, you are in the right place. 

Selecting the right windows for your property is a crucial decision that should not be taken lightly. This is especially true if you reside in a hurricane-prone area like Miami and Broward, where making the wrong choice is simply not an option. 

You not only want windows that look good but also those strong enough to withstand fierce storms and the accompanying flying debris. Here’s how impact windows compare with traditional windows and why you should opt for the former.

Miami Home with New Impact Windows

Hurricane Protection 

Impact windows are specially designed to withstand high winds and flying debris, giving you peace of mind during severe weather conditions. They are constructed with impact or laminated glass layered with a durable polymer. 

Unlike impact windows that do not break, traditional glass doesn’t offer the same protection against hurricanes and can shatter on impact.

Noise Reduction

Impact windows are made of laminated glass, which helps with noise reduction better than regular windows, especially from rumbling noise from nearby buses or trucks, so your home will be quieter. 

Compared to a traditional dual pane window, impact windows lessen noise by 5-7 decibels. 

UV Protection

Another way to compare impact and traditional windows is to assess how well they resist UV radiation.

Impact windows block out 99% of UV rays, which cause fading in furniture, floors, and drapes. Although regular residential and commercial glass provides some ultraviolet (UV) protection, it does not prevent all harmful radiation from passing through. 


Traditional glass windows provide ventilation and cross-ventilation, with the gaps creating a smooth passage for fumes, vapors, and air to flow in and out of homes. This prevents the indoors from feeling stifling and stale.

On the other hand, impact windows come with special frames that eliminate these gaps, which may affect indoor air quality. 


One crucial factor to consider when it comes to new window installation or replacement is the cost, especially in areas prone to hurricanes or storms. Impact windows tend to have a higher initial cost than traditional windows. But, in the long term, they offer better value.

A hurricane storm can damage your regular window, leaving you needing to shell out the money required to replace it. Impact windows, despite their high upfront costs, are the smarter choice.

Cost Savings and Property Value

For one, the Florida Building Code mandates that all homes one mile or less from the shore must have hurricane-proof windows. By installing impact-resistant glass for your windows, you can get a discount on your homeowners' insurance

Additionally, the many benefits of impact windows over traditional windows mean that having impact-resistant glass will increase property value. Regular glass will not meet FBC regulations or give you any benefits.

Live in Miami or Broward? Go With Impact Windows Today!

Traditional windows, despite their popularity, offer fewer benefits than impact windows. Impact windows are a better investment in the long run and a must-have if you stay in a coastal, storm-prone area. If you live in Miami or Broward, make the right decision by installing impact windows. Call for an estimate today. 


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