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How to Get a Discount on Your Homeowner's Insurance By Installing Impact Windows

One of the challenges of owning a home in Broward and Miami is the threat of hurricanes. In fact, Broward County sits in first place as the most hurricane-vulnerable county, with Miami also in the top 10.

While installing impact windows protects your home from the dangers of hurricanes, it also offers other benefits you may not be aware of. For example, installing impact windows offers financial benefits, including lowering your homeowner's insurance costs.

Impact Window Installer

How Can Impact Windows Lower My Homeowner’s Insurance Costs?

The state of Florida requires insurance companies to provide homeowners discounts on their insurance if they implement hurricane mitigation measures. One of these qualifying solutions is impact windows and doors.

During a hurricane, windows and doors are the most vulnerable. Through these points, a lot of damage can be done. However, investing in impact windows and doors is a significant step that can safeguard your family and property.

In addition, the reduction in the amount of damage that can occur during a hurricane earns you a discount on your homeowner's premium, saving you money in the long run.

I’ve Installed Impact Windows. How Do I Get the Discount?

After installing impact windows or doors, the next step is to schedule a wind mitigation inspection, provide the documentation for your impact-resistant products, or both.

The inspection is conducted by qualified inspectors, such as building or general contractors, to identify features in your home that can qualify you for a discount.

Once the inspection is complete, submit the form to your insurance agent or company to determine your policy discount.

What Happens During the Wind Mitigation Inspection?

The inspector will itemize features such as the age of the roof covering, nail sizes and spaces between the nails, and the clips and straps connecting the wall to the roofs on the Mitigation Verification Inspection Form.

The inspector will also document the geometry of your roof and then inspect your impact windows and doors to determine the level of debris protection on your property.

Save on Insurance With Impact Windows in Miami and Broward Counties

If you live in Miami or Broward Counties, you don't have to look too far for high-quality impact windows and doors that can protect your home and provide insurance savings.

Our products are top-of-the-line and are rated for hurricane resistance under the Florida Building Code. With us, you can safeguard your home and save more money. Get started by calling for an estimate today.


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