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Investing in Peace of Mind: How Impact Windows Can Safeguard Your Family and Property

You’re no doubt enjoying some of the perks of living in Miami - year-round sunshine, bustling economy, and vibrant entertainment scene. But have you installed impact windows to protect your family and property when storms and hurricanes come calling?

In addition to withstanding extreme weather events, impact windows offer an extra layer of security, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and possessions, and giving you peace of mind.

Home With New Impact Windows & Doors

They Protect Your Property From Storms and Hurricanes

If you reside in Miami or Broward, you’ll be familiar with the extent of damage that hurricanes and storms can wreak on your property.

Unlike regular glass that shatters on impact, the superior construction of impact windows makes them a worthy protective barrier against the forces of storms and hurricanes and the accompanying debris. With impact windows, you can stay indoors, calm in the knowledge that you and your loved ones, as well as your property, are safe.

They Visibly Deter Burglars

The robust nature of impact windows can help you safeguard your family and property by being an obvious deterrent to criminals. Burglars will be inclined to target homes with conventional windows and frames. So, the mere appearance of impact windows will make them think twice about attempting anything.

They Give You More Time to Respond to Potential Break-in Attempts

Isn’t glass supposed to be breakable? How is glass supposed to be sturdy enough to deter burglars, you may wonder.

This is because impact windows aren’t made of regular glass. Impact glass comprises tempered and laminated glass, built by sandwiching a plastic sheet between two glass panes.

The laminated glass gives the window panes additional strength, which, when subjected to blunt force, will only lead to web-patterned cracks, not outright shattering. Such a barrier can give you extra time to respond to emergencies before they get out of hand.

They Protect Against Noise Pollution

Extreme noise filtering in from the outdoors can have a negative impact on your mental health, especially if it occurs during your resting period. With impact windows, you can keep out unwanted sounds and keep your own household sounds from seeping out.

They Protect Against UV Rays

Impact windows can safeguard your property and loved ones from the long-term effects of UV exposure. This is especially noteworthy in places where the sunshine is intense for many months throughout the year.

With impact windows, your in-home paint, photographs, fabrics, and artwork will cease to be susceptible to UV damage, and everyone in the house will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Invest in High-Quality Impact Windows; Invest in Peace of Mind!

By fortifying your home with high-quality impact windows, you are safeguarding your loved ones and property, and investing in peace of mind. If you are in Miami or Broward, do not hesitate to contact us today for your impact windows installation.


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