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Benefits of Impact Windows

Are impact windows that good?

Sure, boarding up windows can keep out winds, but it will fall short when faced with the fierceness of a category 2 hurricane, not to speak of a category 5.

Shutters aren’t an exciting option either, as they are light-blocking; you have to put them up under the Miami heat anytime there’s news of a hurricane.

If you’re looking for a more effective and permanent barrier guaranteed to protect your family and properties from the damaging effects of hurricanes, you have your answer in impact windows.

Protection from storm damage, every time

Perhaps its most important benefit, impact windows shield your home from storm damage, keeping you and your family 24/7 safe during hurricane seasons.

Impact windows undergo rigorous testing for missile projectiles before they can be approved for installation in homes. So when hurricanes and other storms come knocking, don’t fret! Impact windows have you and your family covered.

Moreover, you won’t have to put them up every hurricane, as they look just like regular windows. The installation is one-time and permanent!

Theft prevention

In addition to protecting against hurricanes and other storms, impact windows keep intruders out of your home. In a global city like Miami, it’s no surprise that burglary is close to the national average.

Made of tempered glass, laminated glass, and synthetic materials, impact glasses are great at keeping intruders away from your home.

For instance, if a burglar tries to smash into your home using a crowbar, the plastic layer will hold the glass together and prevent it from shattering.

Make your home more energy-efficient

If you’re a homeowner in Miami, Florida, it’s safe to say you’re spending a lot of money on energy, especially during the oppressively hot summer.

One effective way to cut energy costs is to substitute your leaky, standard windows for the highly-efficient impact windows.

Impact windows are tight-sealed and Energy Star Rated. These features prevent cold air from escaping, making your air conditioner work less hard in keeping your home comfortable.

Similarly, impact windows retain heat in the winter, reducing your energy consumption and helping you save money all year round.

Noise reduction

Are horns from nearby traffic or noises from neighbors filtering into your home? Installing impact windows can block out outside noise, making it ideal if you live in a noisy environment.

Made of layered glass, with super-sealed framing, impact windows are designed to keep out external noises and disturbances, ensuring your home is more comfortable.

Insurance premium discounts

Installing impact windows can make you eligible for insurance premium discounts. Most insurance companies recognize impact windows’ capabilities to protect your home from storm damage.

As a result, they offer reduced premiums that could offset the initial cost of installing impact windows.

It’s a fact that impact windows trump storm shutters and traditional windows by miles, and you can begin to enjoy the numerous advantages they offer by getting a free estimate when you call today.


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