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Can Impact Windows Break?

If you live in South Florida, you're at risk from storms and hurricanes that can shatter your home's windows. Thankfully, impact windows can ensure your family's safety as they are durable enough to withstand storms. But how strong are impact windows? Can they break? Learn more in the subsections below.

How strong are impact windows?

Contrary to certain myths implying that impact windows can be shattered when rocks smash into them, they are highly durable.

Some impact windows, also known as hurricane-resistant windows, are built to withstand a category five hurricane. When discussing a category five hurricane, we refer to the sustained wind moving at 156 mph or more. This means you are dealing with an intense wind that will come with debris that will smash against your windows.

Can all impact windows withstand all kinds of forces?

No, all impact windows cannot withstand all kinds of forces as each is designed to withstand a level of impact. For instance, an impact window designed to withstand the force of a category 3 hurricane cannot withstand a category 5.

However, an impact window designed to withstand a category five hurricane can handle a category four as the intensity is less than that of a category five. If installing an impact window in your home, you should ensure the glass is built for high-speed hurricane zones. Alcon Windows & Doors offer a vast collection of impact-resistant windows from the best brands in the region. Our windows meet the requirements of the Fort Lauderdale Building codes and are approved for use in high velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ). So if debris is hauled at your home at high speed, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be safe.

What makes impact windows so resistant to hurricanes?

Impact-resistant windows are constructed with impact-resistant glass. A strong polymer interlayer located between panes of tempered and laminated glass, and a process that uses silicone glazing reinforces the glass and holds it together even if it shatters. The glass is surrounded by a heavy-duty frame that is securely fastened to the window frame.

Impact windows and high design pressure

Design pressure is the maximum wind pressure or force your window can withstand during a storm.

When choosing impact windows, it's essential to ensure that you're choosing the one with the correct design pressures to meet your specific requirements or measurements. These measurements, typically done by structural engineers, are carried out to determine the minimum wind force that your window and its linked components can withstand.

Do impact windows splinter or shatter?

Unlike traditional pane glass, impact windows do not shatter but splinter and do not break through. They are designed with a plastic interlayer between two glasses, which keeps them together instead of shattering. When you have it installed, you and your family can relax when the storm rages, knowing that the glass will withstand anything nature throws at it.

Your home and loved ones deserve protection from the fiercest of storms. Get the best impact windows today.

Do you need an impact window to help keep you and your family safe during hurricanes and storms? Look no further. Alcon Windows & Doors is here for you. We ensure your home is safeguarded against flying debris and strong winds by replacing your existing windows and doors with impact windows. Financing options are also available. Call us at 305-553-0229 to get an estimate.

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