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How to Fix Drafty Windows

In the heat of the summer, when you need all the ventilation you can get, you might not quickly notice a drafty window. But, in the winter, shivering from the chill, you're more likely to notice a draft coming in from a supposedly closed window.

In extreme weather conditions, you want to make sure that the indoors are safe from the adverse effects of high-speed winds and more. If you've noticed a cool or chilly draft from any of your windows, it's time to fix it.

Here's how:

Insulate your windows with plastic

Window insulating products that enclose the window by using a plastic film can be purchased at the local convenience shop or online for a fraction of the cost of a custom installation.

Such kits contain double-sided tape and plastic sheeting that you can attach to the jambs of the window. Once the plastic is in place, use a dryer to compress it so that it resembles a new glass window.

Fixing your window isn't as difficult as you might think. Consider using more than one of them to help you stay warm and shield yourself from high gusts.

Insulate doors with draft-shielding materials

It is common practice to position door snakes only at the bottom of the door to prevent cold air. Start hanging an old bedspread over your door if a door snake is not enough to keep you warm.

Use multiple window treatments to add depth and elegance

Most protection can be achieved by using a combination of window shades, sheer curtains, and bulky curtains.

Keep the doors and windows firmly shut when the weather is chilly. When it's chilly and not freezing cold outside, lift the window shades and open the curtains so that the room can be warmed by solar radiation. Additionally, you can achieve a 25 percent reduction in air circulation by using cornice in conjunction with curtains fitted tightly to the window.

Owning non-operational windows isn't a problem if you live in places like the cold north, where frostbite is a constant threat. However, to ensure your safety, ensure that each room has at least one window capable of operating. To comply with building standards, basements and bedrooms should have at least one exit working effectively.

Apply weatherstripping to all windows after they are locked

When preparing a residence for winter, the most common mistake is to overlook shutting the window frames. The sashes of a window are held together via window bolts, preventing air from escaping.

Protect your external doors from the elements

Even a tiny window open midway can let in the same amount of fresh air as an 18-inch hole from around the edge of a door. Weatherstripping and fresh door sweeps might help keep out cold air surrounding your doorways.

Reglaze window panes that have cracks

Make sure your antique wooden windows' glass is in good shape. Even before temperatures fall below fifty degrees, have any damaged or flimsy panes of glass reglazed.

Don't wait until extreme weather comes around. Alcon Windows and Doors has you covered. Contact us today!


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