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Top Benefits of Impact Windows

Did you know that windows and doors are the most vulnerable component of your home during a violent storm as well as a break in? The largest cause of serious structural damage to a property is actually caused by a debris penetrating into a home and allowing air in and causing internal pressure build up within the structure resulting in catastrophic damage to your property, these pressures are notoriously known for blowing roofs off of houses. Impact windows are not only designed to withstand hurricane winds but also to resist flying debris that can potentially penetrate the window. Impact windows are tested to withstand a large missile impact and then to maintain its integrity in order to keep air from entering your home. There are numerous benefits for upgrading to impact windows.
Impact Windows
The most popular and obvious reason to install impact windows in your home or business is for hurricane protection. Like previously mentioned the most vulnerable part of your home is windows,doors and garage doors if air finds a way to percolate through and into your home you are at natures mercy if enough pressure builds up in your home it can cause catastrophic damage. Impact windows are put through rigorous testing, for example one of the test that it most pass is a large missle impact test where a large wooden plank is shot out of cannon to collide with the window in the middle of the glass and the most vulnerable parts of the glass which are the 4 corners of the glass after being hit with the plank the window is put through cyclical pressures and water is poured onto the window, this test simulates a unpredictable storm as well as you can from a lab, to pass the test the plank shall never trespass the glass and the window must maintain integrity through hours of cyclical pressures.
While keeping in mind that impact windows are not designed to be 100% burglary proof, it does add an extra layer of protection to your home. While burglars are used to easily breaking a glass thus allowing them to unlock the unit through the broken glass, that is not the case with impact rated windows or doors. Impact glass will make it more challenging and time consuming to enter a home, since burglars rely on being quick and quiet impact glass will make it challenging for them and increase there chances of getting caught.
I personally have impact windows in my home and my favorite part of having impact windows is the luxury of piece of mind. The piece of mind that when there is a Hurricane approaching South Florida I don't have to scramble to home depot to buy wooden planks to put up on my window's or have to put up shutters. I can rest assured that my home is safe. Another luxury you can enjoy if you don't have hideous wooden planks or shutters blocking your view is being able to look outside during a hurricane to see whats going on as well as allowing natural light in your home, this makes the experience of waiting out a storm a little more pleasant than having your home completely dark for a number of days. Another problem with shutters is storage space.
Energy efficiency is another huge advantage to having impact windows in your home, for more on this subject refer to "Energy Efficiency Windows Guide" or "Will Low-E glass, Low-Er my electricity bill?" there is extensive information in these previous article on this subject.
Because of the safety and advanced protection of impact windows and doors, insurance companies recognize these capabilities and reward policyholders with up to 45% in premium savings.
Impact doors and windows are designed to withstand powerful hurricane winds, but many homeowners have begun to install them for their positive side effects noise reduction being on that list. Due to the thickness of impact glass it can reduce the infiltration of outside sounds by up to 40%, which is perfect is you live in a heavy populated area or if you just enjoy having your home quiet of outside noise.
Upgrading to impact windows isn't looked at as a popular or "sexy" way to increase your property value, people usually think of kitchen and bath renovations first but if your in the South Florida area and are looking to put your home up for sale or for rent changing out your old single pane windows with impact windows could give you on average an 85% return on investment if not more,South Florida is known for regularly getting hit with major storm systems and potential buyers are aware of this.
In retrospect, there are not very many products in general that can help you save money in the long run impact windows and doors are one of those products. Impact windows can help you save money on your electricity bill, home insurance premium, it can increase your home value as well as offer burglary protection and lastly keep your family safe during a hurricane. Impact windows and doors have a very diverse benefit profile, adding to the picture all the cost effective payment options available today it is without a doubt

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