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How much damage can you expect from Hurricanes?

Hurricanes are rated by the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, which uses wind speed to rate and estimate how much damage you can expect from a hurricane. It uses a rating of 1-5, and the rating's are based on the sustained wind speed of the storm, the baseline is 74 mph anything lower than that is considered a tropical storm, and the wind speed top off at 157 mph anything higher than that is considered a category 5. There has been debate for awhile of adding a category 6 hurricane rating due to the bigger stronger storms that we are seeing now.

Category 1

Category 1 hurricanes have sustained winds of 74-95 mph and are considered dangerous and you can expect to experience some effects like

  • power outages

  • minor roof damage

  • Toppling of shallow branched trees

  • falling debris

Category 2

Category 2 hurricanes have sustained winds of 96-110 mph, and are considered very dangerous you these storms can achieve

  • major roof damage

  • Siding damage

  • many trees un-rooted and toppled

  • near total power outages

Category 3

Category 3 and above are all considered major hurricanes the range between 111-129 mph winds (sustained) , you can expect major damage and should be taken very serious. You can expect to see:

  • power outage

  • major roof damage, possibility of complete roof removal

  • major flooding

  • flying debris

  • trees un rooted and flying

Category 4

Category are 4 hurricanes are catastrophic they range from 130-156 mph winds, you can expect to witness:

  • major structural damage (roofs flown off, collapsed walls)

  • major flooding

  • trees snapped out of roots

  • lethal flying debris

  • power outages

  • Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months.

Category 5

Category 5 are the strongest of hurricanes and is the highest rating a hurricane can receive these hurricanes are devastating and life threatening and should be not be taken lightly, you should listen to your local authorities, and consider evacuating if your home is in an evacuation zone, you can expect all of the above and more not limited to:

  • homes completely destroyed

  • major roof damage

  • major flooding

  • majority of trees uprooted

  • lethal flying debris

  • fatalities

  • Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months.

Hurricanes pose a real threat to our home and families safety, they should not be taken lighlty, the best remedy to hurricanes is planning ahead of time, making your home as hurricane proof as possible and having enough resources (food, water exc.). Windows and doors are the most vulnerable part of a home, let us help you in securing your home with impact windows and doors call us at 305-553-0229, do yourself and family a favor and dont wait last minute to take your necessary precautions.

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