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Impact Window Cleaning Tips

Now that you've installed new impact windows and door's you are not only going to want to stretch the lifespan of your investment as long as possible but you want to keep them as clean and spotless as possible for aesthetic purposes. Here are some helpful tips to keep your windows squeaky clean.

Tip #1 Choosing the right cleaning products

Choosing the right products is the first decision you have to make. Windex does the job just fine, we have also heard of people having success with good ole fashioned vinegar, and also dish soap is a popular option. Professional grade products are great but they are not readily available to everyone, we recommend a product from C.R. Laurence S5 sprayway, it uses perfume-grade alcohols which are one of the best cleaning agents available as well as it evaporates quickly.

Tip #2 Choosing the right tools

The theme is keeping it simple, for good results a bounty napkin wont do the job in this case investing in a window squeegee and a micro fiber towel will give you the most bang for your buck it's re usable and it will make your effort more noticeable.

Routinely cleaning out your impact window's will keep them clean and prolong the life of the window. Cleaning the tracks will also pay due, it will keep them from getting stuck and sliding smoothly. It's recomended to clean them every 3 to 4 months.

We are here for all your impact window and door needs, whatever it may be you can reach us at our office or shoot us an email.

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