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Should I buy Impact Windows?

So your neighbor recently bought impact windows and cant help but ramble about how good hes sleeping because of the sound reducing benefits of his new windows or your cousin keeps bringing up how much money he's saving on his electricity bill and how he used that money to go on a trip to Europe. The first question that pops in your head when you start considering investing in impact windows is, are they really worth the money and hassle?

Why waste all that money on impact windows when I can just install accordion shutters? Shutters can be a very enticing option for someone looking for the cheapest option possible but is it the most efficient? It is absolutely not the best option for keeping your home safe and secure. Firstly shutters are not offering protection unless they are closed, impact windows protect your home from intruders and flying debris 24/7. Impact windows also get an upper hand on shutters when it comes to the actual experience of a hurricane, impact windows allow natural light into your home when your not able to go outside and that makes a difference in your mental state, as well as being able to see whats going on outside, rather then being stuck inside a dark home.

When it comes to installing impact windows the list of benefits is never ending. People are becoming more environmental conscious, and are starting to realize the type of impact that years of pollution and neglect has had on our environment, one way you can help is by reducing the amount of electricity your home requires, there is many ways to do this, a popular way is by installing impact windows with a low emissivity film that reflects thermal heat off the glass allowing your home to stay cooler and reducing the amount of electricity needed to power your air conditioner and home in general. Not only are you going to help in reducing greenhouse gases but you will also save a substantial amount of money as well.

Some other notable benefits to installing impact windows are there sound reducing capabilities, STC (Sound transmission class) is the rating given to measure the windows performance in sound reduction, your standard non impact window rates somewhere in between 18-20, for a window to be considered considered completely soundproof it most achieve a rating of 45 and higher. A double glaze impact glass has a rating of about 28-35 but you can go up to a rating of 48 and higher with an triple glazed insulated glass.

Your home is the biggest asset you have and impact windows can help in keeping it safe from intruders and natural disasters as well as save you money on your electricity bill and insurance premium, and just making your home more comfortable in general. For all your questions concerning impact windows and doors, Alcon is your ultimate resource. Thank you and stay safe!!

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