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5 Benefits of Impact Doors

Many people living in high-risk storm zones are installing impact doors, and for good reasons. However, they may not realize that impact doors provide more benefits besides safety against storms.

Here are some of them:

Safe haven from the storm

The greatest benefit impact doors bring to coastal area homes is the additional protection from the elements that impact doors offer.

The good news is that modern impact doors can take a beating and keep on ticking no matter how strong the wind, the rain, or many things you throw at them. Impact doors protect you and your home from storms with high-velocity winds.

Even if the outer layer of glass should break upon impact, the glass will attach to the inner plastic and continue protecting your home from the elements, as this is how these doors are made (with two layers of impact-resistant glass separated by a layer of plastic).

Protection from intruders

Impact doors provide additional protection from intruders. The laminated glass is built with two pieces of glass fused with a strong interlayer, creating a barrier to keep your house and family safer.

An attacker will have a tough time, if not zero, success in breaking down your impact door if it can endure being hit by a missile blown at 200mph.

Installing impact doors is a smart decision that can provide you more peace of mind and dissuade would-be intruders who may give up and move on to an easier target.

Protects against ultraviolet rays

Protecting your home from the sun, specifically, its harmful UV rays, is another advantage of impact doors.

Impact doors can block up to 99% of the sun's UV rays, making them a great choice if you're concerned about the amount of sunlight coming into your home.

You may let natural light into your home without worrying about the sun's damaging effects on your skin and furnishings.

Saves on energy costs

Impact doors are coated with a high-performance Low-E coating that keeps the warmth inside in winter and outside in summer, keeping the cost of heating and cooling your home down.

Even more impressively, recent research indicated that installing impact doors might cut your annual energy use by as much as 40%.

As soon as you put in these doors that can withstand hurricanes, you will begin to see a return on your investment.

Boosts the market value of your home

Homeowners often install new doors before selling their property because of the positive impact on the asking price.

Altering the doors in your house can do wonders for both the curb appeal and the safety of your dwelling. Buyers are ready to pay a premium for homes with impact doors due to their numerous advantages.

Protect your home from storm damage, improve comfort, and reduce energy costs with the help of an impact door. Contact us today for repair and installation.


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