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French vs. Sliding Doors: What To Know

Selecting a new door doesn’t have to be too difficult. Depending on your tastes and the door size you’re looking for, several options are available for every home. Asides from the door’s looks, there are other things to consider.

For instance, a contemporary architectural style may suit a sliding door, while traditional homes may opt for French doors to better match the aesthetic. In this post, you’ll learn about French and sliding doors so you can choose the most ideal one for your home.

What are French doors?

French doors are lightly constructed doors with glass panes extending for much of their length and are usually fitted as pairs rather than single doors. In case you were wondering, French doors are so-called because they originated in France around the 16th century.

Benefits of French doors

Here are some of the pros of having French doors installed in your home:

Wide-opening capacity

With their wide-opening capacity, it’s easy to transition from your home to the garden, bringing the outdoors inside on gloriously warm summer days.

Energy efficiency

French doors are equipped with draft-resistant seals and warm-edge spacer bars to help you retain warmth inside the home. As such, you’ll save more on energy costs in the long run.

They open outward

French doors open outward, letting you flood your home with natural air and light. This might seem minor, but for those who like to maximize every inch of indoor space.

What are sliding doors?

Sliding doors consist of multiple panels that function as a single unit, with the doors opening and closing along fixed lower and/or upper tracks or glides. Most sliding door configurations include one stationary door and another movable door.

Benefits of sliding doors

Here are some reasons to have sliding doors installed in your home:

Traffic flow

Sliding doors are highly functional, creating large openings that facilitate traffic flow.

Space savings

Sliding doors do not take up any indoor or outdoor space as they don’t swing inwards or outwards. Instead, they remain fixed on their axis even when in use.

Interior lighting

Sliding doors open up into wide gaps that are great for letting the light in. Plus, the panes are typically large and contribute to the same effect.

French vs. sliding doors: Which option should I choose?

Regarding security, French doors are more ideal than sliding doors, as they come with fitted security hinges that lock into each other even when the door is closed.

Nevertheless, their hinges require regular maintenance to keep them from becoming stiff, noisy, and difficult to operate. In contrast, sliding doors are a great space-saving option and are much easier to operate on their tracks. They also have a massive viewport even when closed and will bring in more light than French doors.

Find French or sliding doors designed for your home

French and sliding doors offer unique benefits depending on your indoor space and the effect you want to achieve. Whichever option you choose, your doors are of high-quality, energy efficient, and provide adequate protection from the fiercest of the elements. Contact us today to find the best French and sliding doors that suit your style and functional preferences.


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