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How Impact Doors Differ from Standard Doors

Many Floridians recognize the threat hurricanes pose. Instead of hunkering down and hoping the worst passes, they’ve made the switch to impact doors.

“But my standard door looks solid so I don’t think I should replace it with an impact door,” you may be wondering. Wrong.

Impact doors differ from standard doors and are way better. Here’s how.

Construction of standard and impact doors

Standard doors

Standard doors are made from various materials, including wood, steel, and aluminum. Doors are also constructed from a combination of two or more materials.

A typical steel door has two sides with an inner cavity filled with high-density foam insulation and wood or steel framework. Wood doors have hardwood, softwood, or solid wood core with hinges, weatherstripping, and a lockset for security. Aluminum doors have a similar construction to steel.

Impact doors

Impact doors are made differently from standard doors. They are composed of high-quality fiberglass skins and polyurethane foam cores designed to withstand storms. Impact doors also have wood and composite reinforcement, along with reinforced hinges and dense door frames that offer additional protection.

Which has the better construction?

If you live in a low-risk zone, standard doors are generally safe. However, they’ll come up short in an area like Florida, where hurricanes and other tropical storms can come calling.

With nothing but a standard door in the way, flying debris can find its way into your home, damaging your property and harming your loved ones.

On the other hand, impact doors undergo various testing to withstand flying debris up to 200 MPH. They are also engineered to withstand category five storms and accompanying debris.

Advantages of standard and impact doors

Beyond the protection they offer, impact doors also have hidden benefits, including deterring intruders, increasing the value of your property, and long-term savings. See more benefits of impact doors.

The only benefit of standard doors over impact doors is the cheaper cost. Even at that, this benefit is short-term as an impact door pays for itself over time.

Which is the better choice?

It’s clear that standard doors are just not designed to protect you from storms. If you live in a low-risk zone, then a standard door works.