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New Windows Add Value to Your Home

As a homeowner, you're less likely to have a better form of investment than your home. A home is an asset that can be upgraded to boost its value. Exterior and interior installations can drive up your property value, providing added incentive to do so.

While smart home installations are equally effective, an often overlooked area is windows. Windows may seem to have straightforward functionality. However, investing in them, alongside doors, is a great way to add value to your home.

Given the tremendous cost of construction activities, window revamps as a form of home upgrade are cheaper alternatives, while adding a lot of value, too.

Here's exactly how much value you should expect from installing new windows:

Energy efficiency

If you've had windows installed for more than 15 years, you should know that they're outdated.

Window innovations have come in leaps and bounds in recent times, and are now constructed with more in mind.

In particular, heat and energy-efficiency are a big deal, as the new technological components of modern windows mean that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are optimized like never before.

New windows are energy-efficient in they keep HVAC-air inside the house, helping to better warm or cool the interior as the case may be. This way, you can also save money in energy costs monthly.

Curb appeal

Curb appeal is the panoramic view of your property. It's the overall appearance of the exterior, and plays a big role in determining your property's value.

If you have outdated windows installed, the curb appeal is less flattering. With new, modern windows, you drive up the value of the property and attract more buyers.

Security layer

As windows have evolved, so have home security installations. Simple burglar-proof windows that worked well in the past may not be as efficient today.

In fact, if you have outdated windows, you're running a big security risk. With new windows, you add more value to the property by giving it a new security layer.

New technologies have components and structures that dissuade intruders. Even better, they come with emergency units that allow you to gain access from the inside.

Marketability and tax credits