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Protect Your Home With Impact Windows

Impact windows are made with a combination of impact-resistant laminated glass and a heavy-duty frame. These windows are built to hold out against strong winds and even impacts from objects, reducing the chances of breaking when hit. Impact windows are designed for homes in coastal regions.

However, anyone can install impact windows because of their numerous benefits. Here are some ways impact windows can protect your home.

Protection from storms

Impact windows are built with two glass layers and an interlayer to produce a very strong glass component. You could opt for laminated glass for extra strength. When properly installed, these windows are capable of withstanding strong winds and storms without shattering, thereby keeping your home, your properties, and the residents safe even during storms.

Extra security

Due to the reinforced glass structure of impact windows that make them able to withstand direct impact from objects, impact windows do more than just keep rain and wind out. They make it a bit more difficult for thieves to break into your home. Shattering an impact window can be quite a task and help keep burglars out.

Saves you some cost on power

Impact windows can help you regulate the temperature of your home. You can get tinted glass if you like, which absorbs solar radiation and reduces the heat inside your home. Alternatively, low-E glass coatings reflect heat to the heat source while allowing light to enter and illuminate your home.

This can save you cost on electricity and power bills as you end up consuming less power than you normally would in certain temperatures. You can have your home well-lit, illuminated, and still cool, even in summer.

Reduces noise intensity

Impact windows don't only protect your home from burglars or the elements; they also do a great job of keeping out noise from the outside, so you don’t have to worry about the noisy neighbors or the busy road. You can relax and enjoy the quietness of your home when you have impact windows installed.

Reduces the effect of UV rays

We cannot overemphasize the harmful effects of Uv rays on our environment and our health. Impact window glass has a way of filtering about 90% of UV rays from entering your home. They allow normal light to enter while keeping out a lot of the UV rays which protect your furniture from fading and protect your health from the harmful effects of UV rays. This is very helpful in places that experience sunlight all year round.

Reduce the cost of insurance

If you live in a hurricane-prone area like Miami, then you might need to pay a lot for insurance. However, with reduced risk of damages from storms or even invasion that impact windows provide, your insurance company might consider giving you a discount, which means you get to spend less money on insurance. Also, the resale value of your home is increased.

Get rid of those old windows and protect your home now! Contact Alcon Windows and Doors to get your impact windows installed.


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