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Replacement vs. New Construction Windows: Which is Right For You?

Thinking of what kind of windows to get? When buying windows for your home, the voice lies between two options; replacement windows and new construction windows.

Your choice of windows is solely dependent on the type of project you’re working on or your reason for buying a window. We will walk through the differences between the two and when it’s best to use which in this article.

Differences between replacement windows and new construction windows

We will begin with what sets one apart from the other. Here are some differences between replacement windows and new construction windows:

Replacement windows are built for replacing old windows in a home. Replacement windows are designed to be installed from the inside of the house to avoid tampering with any external feature of the building.

This makes replacing damaged windows easier, less tasking, and less costly. Replacement windows are smooth and do not have flanges or fins for nails.

On the other hand, new construction windows are designed for new buildings or home additions. New construction windows are built with nailing flanges or fins to be directly attached to the new window frame. Although new construction windows are created for new homes, they can sometimes be used to replace old windows.

When should you use replacement windows?

Replacement windows are used to change old windows. This is done by removing the existing frame and sliding in the replacement window frame.

Replacement windows cost less money and time to install; however, it is best to get them installed by a professional.

Removing old windows can be very tricky, and attempting to do it yourself could cause damage to your home window frames.

When should you use new construction windows?

When building a new house

New construction windows are more functional for a new building. The nailing flanges make it easier to attach the new construction windows to your structure without any hassle.

When building a home addition

New construction windows are also used when building new home additions. However, replacement windows could be used if the home addition includes an existing wall.

To replace a severely damaged window

If the old window is severely damaged, other parts of the window, such as the floor covering, window frames, window panes, etc., are equally damaged. Repairs like this usually require a lot of carpentry, which makes new construction windows more convenient for such cases.

Which type of window is right for you?

Both replacement windows and new construction windows are suitable for home projects depending on the type of projects.

If you’re looking to replace an old or damaged window, replacement windows are cheaper and more convenient.

On the other hand, if you’re building a new house, adding a new room or structure to your home, or you need to replace an entirely damaged window, then new construction windows are the way to go.

If you’ve made your choice or you need some help deciding what type of windows are best for your project, reach out to Alcon Windows and Doors right now!


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