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Top 4 Window Trends for 2022

Window styles and trends are changing. Some of the styles are completely new, while others are slight modifications of older trends.

Still, some unlikely styles have slowly crept into architecture, propelled by the renewed taste of homeowners who know their worth and value.

As a result, windows have now become more than simple home enhancements. They form a part of what makes your home beautiful. Thus, the styles continue to evolve.

Here are some of the top window trends for 2022 to inspire this year and beyond!

#1. Chunky Trim

Everyone likes to have fine, bold-looking windows. However, complementing it with a chunky trim gives it an even better effect.

It is common to have consistent trim styles for the interior side of the window. For the exterior, the predominant style is to use edgings or shutters.

In the new year, chunky trims have grown in popularity. You can use them for window exterior and interior, with the resultant effect truly unique.

If you like, you can apply the same style to your doors, to provide uniformity.

#2. Arched Windows

Traditionally, windows are either square or rectangular. In homes, arched windows are a rarity, with the style left to architecture involving schools and places of worship.

In 2022, this trend is changing.

Arched windows are becoming increasingly popular in many neighborhoods. This is because of the overall aesthetic effect that they bring.

For example, they give off a curved, softening effect that is truly lovely to behold. In addition, they are excellent conduits of natural light, with the resulting intricate light patterns helping to transform living space into seeming art studios.

In a home that predominantly features straight lines, the curvature in arched windows is quite appealing.

#3. Black Frames

Black frames aren't new. In fact, they are some of the most popular window styles of recent years. The fact that they're still trending in 2022 is a testament to their functionality.

Black frames look great on the inside or outside of your window. The effect is partly subtle, and partly well-pronounced, giving it a rather balanced look.

The black theme is not limited to frames alone. Other kinds of hardware are increasingly painted black, over other seemingly prominent colors like red or brown.

In the new year, you can do no wrong with black-framed commercial windows. It's more than merely pops- it's truly exquisite.

#4. Partitions