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5 traits of a quality Window and Door Contractor

You have come to the conclusion that you want to replace your windows and doors with impact rated windows and doors (if not check out our previous blog post) . Now comes the second half of the battle, Finding who's going to do the job. Finding the right contractor could be difficult, here are 5 traits to look for.

  1. Licensed & Insured

This is the number one thing to look for, you want a professional in his or her field someone that takes the time and effort to do things the right way, if they are not licensed that should be an immediate red flag. The state of Florida has very strict building codes as well as high standards for contractors, this is in place to protect you the consumer, if someone is licensed and commits some type of malpractice, there is a way of holding them liable through the DBPR, which has a variety of penalties in place for faulty contractors. If someone is unlicensed they are unregistered and the chance of them just disappearing is higher. On top of everything previously mentioned if someone is unlicensed they cannot pull permits, and if you do not pull permits your missing out on the extra layer of protection that your city offers you through there own inspectors, that make sure the contractor you hired is doing the job per the current building codes.

2. Experience

The second trait you should look for in a contractor is experience, the great Albert Einstein was spot on when he said "The only source of knowledge is experience". Construction is not a black and white profession, every job is different and there is a million and a half problems that can present themselves at any moment in the course of a job. The best contractors know how to #1 avoid these problems and #2 are resourceful enough to solve them once they present themselves that can only be learned out in the job site.

3. Good Reputation

In todays day and age bad companies are exposed more than ever with google and yelp leading the way with there review platforms providing consumers with feedback from previous clients. It is not necessary to say to look up company reviews online before you buy everyone does it. What is often over looked is word of mouth, a friend or families experience with a company is more valuable, you don't know the people that are giving reviews online but you do know your friend or families tendencies and how picky or laidback they are and that can help you make your decisions.

4. Storefront Location

A storefront location is the cherry on top for a good contractor. Having a location where you can go to meet with a sales rep, look at some samples and get an overall feeling for the company is definitely important and should not be overlooked.

When looking for an impact window and doors contractor in the South Florida area look for the above traits to help you choose the right contractor for you.


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